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Jerry Perchacz

The fearless leader, accordion player and driving force behind the Rhinelanders is Jerry Perchacz. Jerry has been playing accordion professionally since the 1960s. Jerry has a BS and MS in business and Psychology with a minor in languages. He gained his appreciation of music through parents who both loved to dance. Jerry spends his days managing the Denver Branch of Packaging Alliance. His company specializes in industrial packaging. The company deals in plastics, steel, glass, and corrugated boxes. As Jerry would say. “we have everything from A-Z” Some of his leisure time is spent trying to come up with the perfect Poker hand. He was a jack off in Black-hawk… you know one jack short of a royal flush. He’s still searching for the perfect shirt to prove it. Maybe he’ll get one this Christmas. Jerry’s childhood was defined by sharing his name with the family dog and the parakeet. His greatest claim to fame in his youth was hitting baseballs through the windows of his elementary school with great alacrity. What a talent! If you were to take the tour d’ Jerry in Denver, you would find grates on even the second floor of his elementary school. His Mom and Dad always told him to aim high in life. Nice  Jerry .. I don’t think that’s what they meant. Speaking of aim.

Robin Braun 255


Robin Braun

Robin’s isn’t any better. Robin spent her youth on a cattle ranch just west of Denver throwing rocks at cattle in unsuccessful attempts to heard them. She found it much easier to herd cattle on horseback and still misses horseback riding. Robin has a degree in music. Her college studies included her primary instrument trumpet, and her secondary instrument , voice. She has a minor in Spanish and business. How did that happen? Her college adviser was convinced that she was destined to live in mexico and sell trumpets. Instead she became a mariachi straight out of college. She has always been active on the local jazz scene in Denver. She plays piano at a couple of restaurants as her schedule allows. However, the Rhinelanders have finally given Robin the musical home and audience that she loves. Robin still augments her Rhinelanders schedule and dog chasing duties at home to include teaching voice, piano, trumpet and french horn at her new music studio. After over 30 years of teaching Robin, along Jim Remington  opened Lakewood School of Music. She also is the coordinator of the elementary instrumental music program for Cherry Creek School District.

December 2013 366


Steve Ashton

Steve Ashton is the Rhinelanders official time keeper… No he doesn’t watch the clock!.. He’s the drummer. Steve graduated from the University of Colorado with a Masters in Music Education. He is a happily retired music educator for Cherry Creek School District. Through his position with the district, he was able to teach and inspire budding new musicians.
Mr. Ashton toured three continents with the Continental Singers and Orchestra. In addition to his tenure with the Continental singers, he worked with the group Renaissance out of Las Vegas. This talented musician still augments his schedule for yearly recording sessions in LA.